Gregorius Vici (Indonesia)

Designer: Gregorius Vici
Year of foundation: 1989
Indonesian designer Gregorius Vici cooperates with local batik artisans, shoe and accessories craftsman, and freelance tailors. These remnants are often made into quilts or patchwork by underprivileged people in the villages. One of the makers of this remnant patchwork is a becak driver, who also sells patchwork to make ends meet. Vici found his calling to collect those quilts from him and upcycle them by using patchwork and applique to create new apparel combined with other materials to give such valuable batik a longer life and pertain its economical value even though they were in the form of remnants. Through efforts like this Vici believes that he can contribute to the economy of his surrounding people.
Now the brand is building its commitment to the next level of sustainability. As a business which directly involves textiles, Vici now focuses on the issues of textile waste and pursues to use it for new fashion products with economic value.
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