HempLove (South Africa)

Designer: Lara Blevi
Year of foundation: 2019
The sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion market in South Africa is slow growing, but HempLove takes pride in their responsibility to create awareness among their customers and the public. They want to educate people and help them make better choices regarding sustainable against fast fashion, and consider the long term impacts on our environment. The garments are made from hemp fabric and hand-dyed with our in-house process, which uses plant waste. Their most popular colours were derived from avocado stones and skins, turmeric, pomegranate skins, and fynbos. The designers further try to reduce the potential waste produced during our production process, and therefore no plastic trims are used in the collection, and all our buttons are made from river shells. During production they focus on small batch manufacturing to ensure minimal waste, and use any cut-offs for smaller garments and accessories as they work towards a zero waste approach.
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